6-hr Virtual VIP intensive

Ready to get paid for your expertise?

Let me guide you through my signature PAID Framework to map out your signature offer and create a profitable launch plan!

This 6-hr intensive is for proven experts ready to package their knowledge into a tranformational program or service. We’ll map out your signature offer framework, create a content plan, and design your launch.

Does this sound like you?

You have proven expertise that you’re ready to monetize, but you don’t know how to package it into an offer that your audience will invest in.

You know that your skills and expertise have a place in the market and you want to be paid well for them through a premium product or service.

You have gotten real results for yourself and others, now you want to reach more people to make more impact and income.

You have an online audience that supports you, but don’t know what to offer them or how to launch it.

It's time that

You get paid like the expert you are!

You’ve already put in the work necessary to be called an expert. You’ve proven that you can get results. Now it’s time to package your knowledge into a scalable offer that your audience will invest in.

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

Packaged to Paid VIP Intensive

This 6-hr session is lasered focused to provide a strategy that you can execute on immediately.

Together, we'll:

Your investment also inlcudes:


or two payments of $1,750

kimberly testimonial

Fo is a genius. She teaches you how to create your product, the tools that will help you make it, and how to market and sell. This program is well worth the spend. You will walk away with a product that sells and a coach who cares about your success.
– Kimberly M.


Fo is FANTASTIC – there is no other word for it. Having someone committed to helping you accomplish your goals cannot be understated. Fo wants to understand your business, your goals, and cares about you and the final product. I’m so grateful to have had her help! 
– Danielle A.


She helps me look my very best at each step of my time with my clients–from on-boarding to obtaining a review. Don’t hesitate to have her help you elevate your brand. She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.
– Andrea J.

How it works

Here’s what happens next...


You’ll complete a brief application where I’ll learn more about you and your business to determine if we’re a fit.

Receive an email

You’ll get an email notifying you of the next steps. You’ll either get invited to proceed or notification that I’m not a fit for your needs.

Book your session

If we’re both ready to move forward, you’ll get a link to pay your retainer and book your session.


Hi, I'm Fo!

I’ve mastered making money online by leveraging my expertise to provide value to my audience and by packaging my knowledge into products that sell. I want to teach you how to do the same.

Leveraging my expertise online has allowed me to:

  • Generate thousands of dollars each month in additional income for my family
  • Reach over 50,000 people per month with the message of financial freedom
  • Become an internationally respected expert in my niche & go-to source for media
  • Create a legacy & example for my daughter to use her gifts and walk in her purpose