Leads Every Day, Calls Every Week, Clients Every Month.

Get rid of the revenue rollercoaster, predict your sales, and finally hit 5-figure months.



lead generation solves all sales problems.

If you want more clients, you need more leads. Not followers. Not likes. Not shares. Not views.

Lead generation solves all sales problems because when you have more leads in your pipeline, you have more opportunities for sales.

And it’s not for your lack of trying… 

You’re doing everything that the gurus (and your last coaching program) told you to do. You’re posting 3-5 times per day, going live daily, even commenting in Facebook groups. But, the only result you’re getting is burnout. 🔥

Sis, you don’t need another coaching program that’ll just tell you to post more and to “fix your mindset.” You need an automated lead generation system so that you’ll always have clients in queue.

You’re a mom with more to do than just market. That’s why we’ll help your install your lead generation system for you so that you can finally make more money while you mom.

Get the highest converting ads funnel in the industry.

introducing the

a 12-month marketing & sales program for moms who want CONSISTENT CLIENTS & CASH FLOW in their coaching or consulting business.

you'll get 12 months of


Private FACEBook community

We’ve curated a community of other high-achieving moms of faith who you can network and grow with. You won’t have to worry about growing your business alone. 

Coaching call replays

Get access to our vault of coaching call replays that gets updated every Friday. We timestamp and close caption every call so you can easily navigate without watching the whole thing.

The Curriculum

The PAID Mom Method

There are 4 essential components to creating consistent sales and cashflow in your coaching or consulting business as a busy mom.

01. Preferred, Premium Offer

First, you’ll learn how to develop or refine your offer to ensure that it is a no-brainer for your audience to buy. You’ll discover the 8 core elements of a Preferred, Premium Offer that stands out in your industry and can practically sell itself.

02. Automated Lead Generation System

Next, you’ll focus on automating your lead generation so that you’ll always have clients in queue. You’ll leverage an Ads To Application funnel to convert cold leads into clients within days.

Using our 4C Copy and HELP Lead Magnet frameworks, you’ll create scroll-stopping ads and a high-converting lead magnet that will attract high-quality leads every day.

03. Increased Sales Conversions

Once you are consistently generating leads and booking sales calls, we’ll focus on increasing your sales call conversion rate.

In additional personalized sales coaching, you’ll learn how to self-assess your calls so that you can improve your close rate.

04. Diversified Marketing Channels

Lastly, you’ll learn how to diversify your marketing channels. You’ll learn our email, text, and social media marketing strategies to increase your sales in less time.

Double your sales calls

fill your calendar with calls that convert into clients

You’re spending hours posting on social media and you’re only getting 3-4 sales calls a month. When you launch your ads and implement our sales strategies, you’ll be able to double your sales calls with ready to buy leads and finally hit 5 figure months.


You want more predictable income

You want to get off of the revenue rollercoaster and predict your income each month. You know that ads will allow you to control your lead flow and, ultimately, your revenue.

You want to make sales on evergreen

You don’t want to rely on launches, challenges, or social media to make sales. Instead, you want an automated, evergreen system that will allow you to close clients any day.

You want to make Kingdom impact

You know that God has called you to reach thousands, but the algorithm is a hater. You’re ready for the visibility you deserve to make more Kingdom impact and income.

You want to become career-optional

You have a thriving career, but it’s demanding. You want systems to easily grow your business while you work so that you can eventually become career-optional.

Here's What Other moms Have To Say

Yes, Facebook ads still work

...and you're probably here because you saw mine

If you’re already posting on Instagram & Facebook, then you know that your ideal client is there. The problem isn’t that you’re in the wrong place—it’s the algorithm.

Ads allow you to bypass the algorithm and market directly to your ideal client. 

With our expert-guided ads strategy, you no longer have to worry about spending money on ads that don’t get you leads. 

Your ads will begin attracting new leads every day, eliminating the hours that you’re spending creating content and engaging on social media. 

“I joined because want a business that doesn’t require me, in between patients, to post & pray wishing somebody would book a call. Ads are the missing piece that coaches need. 

– Dr. E, MD, Health & Life Coach

I went from $20K years to $20K months

Without tap danCING for social media Or Selling my soul to an algorithm.

Like you, I knew I had something that could truly help thousands of women. 

The problem was, I lacked the visibility that I needed for it to reach them.

I didn’t (and still don’t) have a huge social media following like my “competition.” And, as a busy mom of two under two, I didn’t have the time nor energy to market like the “gurus” recommended.

I knew there had to be a much simpler way— a way for moms who don’t have time to market.

Then, it finally hit me… 💡 


I had successfully used them for years for my Etsy shop and for my blog, but I never thought to apply them to my coaching business…until I did.

It completely transformed my business and it’ll transform yours too! 

What other moms have to say...

kimberly testimonial

This program is well worth the spend.


Most programs talk a big game but only deliver high-level information that leaves you wondering “how” to do it.

Fo is a genius… You will walk away with an offer that sells and a coach who cares about your success…well worth the spend.

– Kimberly M., Health & Life Coach

She's going to ensure you're successful


If you are a mom and wife looking to grow a business and you’re NOT working with Fo, then you are likely wasting your time.  She’s already figured it out and not only will she walk you through it, but she’s going to ensure you’re successful at it. Who else can guarantee that?

– Danielle A., Career Coach


She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.


She helps me look my very best at each step of my time with my clients–from on-boarding to obtaining a review. Don’t hesitate to have her help you elevate your brand. We don’t have to know how to do it all we just have to know who to hire! She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.
– Andrea J., Book Writing Coach

Fo is EVERYTHING she says she is and more!


Fo is EVERYTHING she says she is and more! She is the real deal in every way. I have learned and accomplished so much just by working with her.

From content creation to marketing my brand she has helped me through it all… especially when I had no idea what I needed to do.

If you need results, go to Fo. I love working with her. She is the real deal and gets the work done!

— Peju A., Career Coach

Worth the investment!


You truly are THAT COACH FO! 

From the backend setup to the enrollment script, I was able to get my lead to say YES! 

I would have never gotten this far if I didn’t take the leap of faith from you! I can’t thank you enough! Worth the investment!

– Jasmin S., Digital Marketing Coach

No, this isn’t like your last coaching program

“I’ve spent thousands on other programs. How is this different?” 

We know you’re busy and that you’re probably not a marketing or tech expert. That’s why we offer a combination of flexible coaching options and done-WITH-you support to ensure that everything gets implemented and you get the help & support you need. 

We don’t lace you with modules that you don’t have time to watch and strategies that you don’t have the expertise to implement. Everything is designed for busy moms, by a busy mom. There’s no other container like it in the industry. Period.

The investment

6 PAYMENTS OF $1,250

- or -



Enrollment opens May 28th and ends June 7th. Join the waitlist to get access when enrollment opens.

When you apply, you’ll also schedule a no-obligation sales call. During this call, we’ll review your goals and lay out a 90-day strategy for you to quickly get results within the program. From there, you can decide to move forward on the call or choose to continue on your own.

Yes! This program is a good fit if you haven’t launched your offer yet. During the first module of the program, you’ll work on developing your offer if you don’t have one or refining one if you do. You’ll be able to submit it for feedback and review, so you’re confident selling it even if it’s new.

Our strategy is designed for high-ticket offers. You’ll have a higher return on investment when your offer is at least $2,000 or more. 

This program will work for you if you get your clients tangible, quantifiable results. This usually does not include mindset or spiritual coaches. If you’re in doubt, apply and we’ll let you know.

No. We can’t guarantee results. Though our promise is based on past client results, this doesn’t imply or guarantee future results.

The timeline for making your ROI differs for every clients. However, when you apply the system and strategies outlined in the program, you will have ample opportunity to make sales within the first 30 days. Clients have made sales in a matter of days of applying our strategies.

This isn’t a get rich quick kind of program & consistency is key. Nonetheless, the systems and strategies provided are designed to yield a lifetime ROI. When applied fully, you’ll be able to make consistent income for years to come.

We recommend budgeting $125 for the 5-day testing phase of your ads. After that, you should plan to spend a minimum of $10 per day in ad spend for our strategies to be most effective.

We strongly encourage all clients to use Kartra while in the program. All trainings will be based on this software. 

We are able to provide exclusive discounts to new users. We do not provide technical support for other CRMs outside of what is recommended.

You will be able to access me directly through our weekly coaching call and via the support submission. 

Occasionally, there may be guest coaches who have been fully vetted and are qualified to coach our clients in alignment with the program framework and methodologies.

You’re busy enough, so these calls are optional and are not necessary for your success in the program. Plan to allocate 1 hour for these calls.

To ensure efficiency and that everyone gets served, we require that questions be submitted prior to the call.  They will be answered in order of submission. You may hop off the call if you need to or stay to hear others being coached.

If you submit a question and are unable to attend, you will receive private feedback via email.

We provide ample feedback and coaching outside of these calls as well. You may submit your questions for 48-hours feedback via video and/or written response.

Replays are available every Friday.

This program is designed for you to go through at your own pace. However, I encourage you to get started implementing as soon as possible. 

The majority of your time will be spent in the initial two modules where you are refining your offer and setting up your lead generation system. Plan to spend 3-4 hours on these modules and 90 minutes for your 1:1 implementation call.

Outside of the coaching calls, you will need to set aside time for 45 minute to 1 hour long sales calls. This will be based on your availability, so you can allocate as much or as little time as you’d like.

Yes. However, no refunds will be issued and you will still be responsible for any outstanding balance.

Any testimonials or reviews shared are not a representation of guaranteed results, only possible results.