Launch a program that sells

You’ve gotten the results and now you’re ready to package your genius into a premium program that sells. 

In 12 weeks, you’ll get the exact strategies and systems to launch and sell your curriculum-based coaching program and secure your first premium clients!

There’s only one reason you’ve landed here…


But let’s not pretend like you haven’t done enough already…. 

Sis, we see the letters in front AND behind your last name… With your perfectly framed degrees and trademarks on the wall.

Let’s not forget the certifications & credentials for days! And we certainly can’t forget the fact that you’re crushing it in your career— getting paid, promoted, and leading people.

We See You, Sis!

Yet here you are wanting to do more...

Not because you need anymore on your plate. #wifelife #momlife

…but because you KNOW that you have a calling that’s greater than what you can do for any employer—no matter how well they pay you. 

You’re called to impact millions and MAKE millions from your expertise. 

The problem is, you don’t know where to start. 😬

So, alas, you’re here. 

…but let me introduce myself.

Hey sis, I'm Fo!

And although God has gifted me with prophetic insight, that’s not exactly why I just read your mail.  

Instead, it’s because I’ve been exactly where you are. Like you, I did all the things… 

I won the award. I got the bonuses. I received the promotions. I earned the coveted six figures…

I was the quintessential, high-achieving employee, ripe for the C-suite pickings! But, as crazy as it sounds, that didn’t fulfill me…

Not when I knew I was called to impact lives far beyond my colleagues and team members.

So I did it.  I dove into this crazy online space and built a global financial education & coaching business.

Over a few short years, I reached hundreds of thousands of women, while also surpassing $100,000 in revenue— Impact, influence, and income all used to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.

Leaving my decade-long career as an engineer, I now show other moms how to do the same.

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But let’s get back to you, because it’s your turn.

It’s you turn to...

…all while being a bomb leader in your career, a loving wife, and a present mom. The good news is that I’ve already walked the path for you to follow.


The Monetized Mom Accelerator

A 12-week high-touch group coaching program to help coaches create and launch their offer and enroll premium-paying clients.

This program is for those who are new to coaching, have been doing low-ticket 1:1 coaching, or one-off packages.

You know that you want to offer group coaching so that your business is scalable & more conducive to your life as a busy mom.

Not only are you ready to have a more scalable business and take back your time, but you also want to begin charging premium prices.

You have gotten prior results for you clients and know that the value you deliver is worth at least $2K – $5K.

Here's how the Accelerator works...

Through the EDGE Method™️, weekly group coaching calls, and personal assignment feedback, here’s what we’ll do together over the next 3 months.

month 1

month 2

month 3

You'll also get...

  • Lifetime access to our learning portal with on-demand training on messaging, content, ads, client management, and more!
  • Weekly group coaching calls for real-time coaching and direction on how to improve your results.
  • Templates, scripts, swipe copy, done-for-you funnels, and spreadsheets so that you don’t have to think about what to do!

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

More Testimonials...

kimberly testimonial

This program is well worth the spend.


Fo is a genius. She teaches you how to create your offer, the tools that will help you make it, and how to market and sell. This program is well worth the spend. You will walk away with an offer that sells and a coach who cares about your success.
– Kimberly M.

Fo is FANTASTIC – there is no other word for it.


If you are a mom and wife looking to grow a business and you’re NOT working with Fo, then you are likely wasting your time.  She’s already figured it out and not only will she walk you through it, but she’s going to ensure you’re successful at it. Who else can guarantee that?

– Danielle A.


She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.


She helps me look my very best at each step of my time with my clients–from on-boarding to obtaining a review. Don’t hesitate to have her help you elevate your brand. We don’t have to know how to do it all we just have to know who to hire! She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.
– Andrea J.

Fo is EVERYTHING she says she is and more!


Fo is EVERYTHING she says she is and more! She is the real deal in every way.

I have learned and accomplished so much just by working with her.

From content creation to marketing my brand she has stood by me and helped me though it all… especially when I had no idea what I needed to do.

My biggest win is clarity. I am grateful for you, Fo!

— Peju A.

Fo‘s teaching and guidance has been a breath of fresh air!


I’m more confident now than when I first started in business 3 1/2 years ago. My coaching business now has a solid foundation and marketing plan, plus a proven content strategy to help me land my perfect client on repeat! Fo‘s teaching and guidance has been a breath of fresh air! After taking other coaching programs that only gave surface level training, Fo came with in-depth strategies that work 🔥! She is anointed for this and has empowered me to operate from a place of assurance in what God gave me to birth.

– Jonatta H.


Fo is an awesome coach...she wants to see me succeed


When I started I was all over the place following so many people. Fo met me where I was at and pointed me the direction of how to make things work best for me. Fo is an awesome coach who is not selfish in her training by withholding helpful information. She worked with an attitude that she wants to see me succeed as well.
– Shawn H.

Is the Accelerator right for you?

Ultimately, we want to ensure that this is the right fit and we’re supporting clients who are invested in their own success. With that said, there is a qualification process and an application is required.

Because this is a high-touch program, we can only work with a select group of coaches every month. These spots are only reserved for coaches who take action and who prioritize the success of their business.

As you can see from our client testimonials, we actually care about the success of every single person that we serve. Therefore, we want to ensure that this is mutual.

This is perfect for you if...

This is NOT for you if...

More Receipts...

even More Testimonials...

Fo is great at what she does.


Fo is great at what she does. I honestly had no idea what to expect or where to begin so I was excited to learn. She does it in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.
– Cymone J.

Working with Fo has definitely been rewarding.


Fo is such a treasure to have! Her knowledge and encouragement have literally shifted my perspective when it comes to structuring my business and what I need to do in order to become less frustrated and more effective. Working with Fo has definitely been rewarding.
– Varnessa B.

I received practical ways and steps to monetize my expertise.


I received practical ways and steps to monetize my expertise. From the beginning, she shares her online entrepreneurship journey. I was encouraged to hear her story and follow some of the steps she offers to begin my journey to make multiple streams of income.
– Dr. Dalisha S.

I am forever grateful!


When I started, I felt overwhelmed because I just didn’t know where to start. Fo didn’t even hesitate to help me when I reached out to her. She was very patient with my process. She helped me so much and I am forever grateful!
– Maygen K.

Don't miss out on what God has placed inside of her


Her teaching methods are incredibly diverse and easy to understand. I highly recommend Fo for one on one advice on how to build your brand. Don’t miss out on what God has placed inside of her. I promise you won’t regret it!
– Crystal J.

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If you’ve gotten to this point and you have a sense of peace about the testimonials that you listened to and read…

And you feel like it’s the type of community and support that you’ve been looking and praying for…

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We can’t guarantee results. With that said, you can expect to start seeing an increase in your qualified leads and booked calls within less than 30-days of implementation. 

Duration of the calls vary. Nonetheless, the goal is to get every question answered. This means that some calls may be longer than others. You can expect 1-1.5 hrs for planning purposes.

No. We serve moms and other women as well.

Any testimonials or reviews shared are not a representation of guaranteed results, only possible results.