The Monetized Mom

Build Your Business. Quit Your 9-to-5.

Are you a corporate mom who’s ready to leave your career, but still make a full-time income from home? I’ll help you leverage your expertise to launch an online program, build a profitable online business, and leave your 9-to-5!

Why you're here...

You want to be present and spend more time with your kids, but you’re stuck & burnt out from giving your time away to a job that you don’t even enjoy.

You want to exit your corporate career, but you still want to be able to maintain your current lifestyle.

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help others, but you don’t know how to package it into something that people will pay for.

You want to utilize your God-given gifts to make a greater impact, but you lack clarity on where to even start.

You know that

You're not living the life of freedom that you envisioned...

Instead, you’re up at night dreading the fact that you have to go to work the next morning. 😫

Although you’re good at what you do, your expertise is undervalued and underutilized. 👎🏾

What’s worse is after dedicating all of those hours to your career, you’re too tired to even enjoy precious moments with your kids and spouse. 🥱

You know that building an online business with limited time will have its challenges, but the freedom that it offers is what you really desire. 🙌🏾 

what you need is

A proven blueprint that will take you from..

Where you are...

To where you want to be...

The truth is

I've been there before and I know the way out...

I know the frustration of having to return back to work from maternity leave because you still have financial goals to reach. Or anxiously waiting for another update from the daycare as they document yet another missed milestone. Or not having enough “days” to take a real vacation because they’ve all been used on my kid.


And it doesn't have to be yours either.

You deserve to live a fulfilled life of freedom. One where your income, impact, and independence aren’t dictated by someone else. A life where you walk fully in your God-given purpose. 


The Monetized Mom Accelerator

A 12-week group coaching program to help ambitious, high-achieving corporate moms package their expertise into a profitable online program, launch it, and create a plan to generate full time income from home.

The Curriculum

What You'll Get...

This high-touch program is designed to equip you with the tools and strategy necessary to build a sustainable & profitable online business that generates a full-time income from home. Using the signature EDGE, you’ll get the exact steps to developing and launching your signature course or hybrid group coaching program. You will learn how to quickly make revenue in your business and ways to effectively monetize your expertise online to generate passive income.

You’ll leave the program equipped to create impact, income, and independence from home.

The monetized mom E.D.G.E framework


You’ll get crystal clear on the one thing that you’re an expert in and can monetize

Determine who you serve

You’ll clearly define the people you’re called to serve with your knowledge

Generate expert content

You’ll create a strategic content plan that your audience values

Exchange your expertise for pay

Develop your program outline & launch plan and learn other ways to monetize


Plus, You'll also get


Access to on-demand video trainings and assignments to complete weekly.

Personalized assignment review

All module assignments will be reviewed and given personalized feedback.

Private Facebook Community

Get 24 hour support in the private Facebook community. Network with other students.

Workbook & templates

Get access to the program workbook, done-for-you templates & swipe copy.


This program is Worth over $10K in value!


Real clients, real results.

kimberly testimonial

This program is well worth the spend.


Fo is a genius. She teaches you how to create your product, the tools that will help you make it, and how to market and sell. This program is well worth the spend. You will walk away with a product that sells and a coach who cares about your success.
– Kimberly M.


Fo is FANTASTIC – there is no other word for it.


Fo is FANTASTIC – there is no other word for it. Having someone committed to helping you accomplish your goals cannot be understated. Fo wants to understand your business, your goals, and cares about you and the final product. I’m so grateful to have had her help! 

– Danielle A.


She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.


She helps me look my very best at each step of my time with my clients–from on-boarding to obtaining a review. Don’t hesitate to have her help you elevate your brand. We don’t have to know how to do it all we just have to know who to hire! She’s worth your investment! I’m forever grateful.
– Andrea J.

Is the Monetized Mom Accelerator for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:


Fo is great at what she does.


Fo is great at what she does. I honestly had no idea what to expect or where to begin so I was excited to learn. She does it in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.
– Cymone J.


Fo is an awesome coach...she wants to see me succeed


When I started I was all over the place following so many people. Fo met me where I was at and pointed me the direction of how to make things work best for me. Fo is an awesome coach who is not selfish in her training by withholding helpful information. She worked with an attitude that she wants to see me succeed as well.
– Shawn H.


I received practical ways and steps to monetize my expertise.


I received practical ways and steps to monetize my expertise. From the beginning, she shares her online entrepreneurship journey. I was encouraged to hear her story and follow some of the steps she offers to begin my journey to make multiple streams of income.
– Dr. Dalisha S.

Use what you already have to create the life you want.

You've been praying for the right resources to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This is it, sis! I know you're ready for more...


You know that you’re called to create real transformation in the lives of others with your expertise.


You know that your skills and expertise have a place in the market and you want to be paid well for them.


You long to build an online business that can afford you financial independence and freedom from your 9-to-5.


When I started, I felt overwhelmed because I just didn’t know where to start. Fo didn’t even hesitate to help me when I reached out to her. She was very patient with my process. She helped me so much and I am forever grateful!
– Maygen K.


Her teaching methods are incredibly diverse and easy to understand. I highly recommend Fo for one on one advice on how to build your brand. Don’t miss out on what God has placed inside of her. I promise you won’t regret it!
– Crystal J.

Meet Your coach

Hey sis, I'm Fo!

I’ve mastered making money online by leveraging my expertise to provide value to my audience and by packaging my knowledge into programs that sell. I want to teach you how to do the same.

Leveraging my expertise online has allowed me to:

  • Generate thousands of dollars each month in additional income for my family
  • Reach over 50,000 people per month with the message of financial freedom
  • Become an internationally respected expert in my niche & go-to source for media
  • Create a legacy & example for my daughter to use her gifts and walk in her purpose
Featured in:


You've got questions? I have answers!

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You will have lifetime access to the trainings and materials. You will be able to download the course workbook and templates to use after the program is over.

The program requires a 12-week commitment. The material will require at least 3 hrs per week but could be more depending on how fast you work.

All payments are non-refundable and you agree to pay the full balance of the program. We have a 100% commitment policy, so please only enroll if you are ready and able.

Enrollment in the program is final and you are responsible for paying the balance of the program investment. No refunds will be issued.

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